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KATNKOE creates custom leather bags and pillows. In Amsterdam and entirely by hand.

The inspiration for these products comes from yoga and meditation. Quite literally.

The bags fit a yoga mat perfectly and at home you can concentrate on your breathing very comfortably while sitting on one of the pillows.

KATNKOE loves the city; its total chaos and the tranquillity you can feel in it.

With the help of yoga for example, just as a part of your everyday life. Clubbing today, Bikram tomorrow.

From an office chair to the yoga mat and vice versa. You choose your own moments and do so in total freedom – stylishly.

On demand and from a small workshop KATNKOE therefore makes honest and versatile leather goods for your yoga lifestyle, you'll love for years and years.

Shapes cut out by hand and stitched by piece, makes every bag unique and never similar to the other. Made from high quality, natural materials and designed for people who value appearance as well as inner peace. Articles of everyday use. At home, your yoga class or wherever.


As a child I knew I wanted to be a spaceship mechanic. The fascination with technology, detail and doing something but very few people do, was already early there.

The reality did not quite made it to the imagination, but remained a fascination for technology and detail.

After a study Industrial Product Design I have made a long career in designing shoes for several international brands. However, the need for 'space', 'ship' and 'technician' remained stubbornly arise.

Such that I quit my job and exchanged it for the adventure in 2014.

Making those decisions drove me sailing the course I love, in the space I like where I design my products and assemble them.

With my favourite activity as a starting point: Yoga.

KATNKOE was born: A lovingly handmade artisan label, high quality unique leather yoga mat bags and leather meditation pillows.

Call to make an appointment:   +31(0)641296528

Viola Puhalovic


Vendelstraat 2

1012XX Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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Contact: info@katnkoe.nl